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NICOLETTE DOORS from our door to yours ®

High-end entry doors available in standard selections or custom order size and finish. Unique ordering options with no minimum quantities for shipping or price breaks.

The commons sense composite door

Exterior doors. They're a necessary part of almost any residential construction or remodeling project. Yet minimum quantities, impractical price breaks and large shipping costs make it tough for anyone but the biggest of the box stores to get them. This doesn't make any sense.

Nicolette Doors are engineered with one goal in mind - to bring you the high-end doors you want in the quantities you need. Of course, we have a number of styles to choose from, but the true beauty of our doors is their flexibility. Customization is expected, even encouraged. Nicolette Doors can be sized to fit existing doorways, and can be set up to use any brand of hardware. Best of all, whether you order one or one hundred, we'll ship them to you at a reasonable price. From our door to yours, Nicolette Doors are the common-sense answer to finding beautiful, durable exterior doors for any size project.

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Delivered by Truck,

Not Truckload

Unless your're a big box store, ordering doors can be a hassle, if not downright impossible. In order to meet the quantity requirements necessary to get to that first price break, you need to order twice as many doors as you will ever need. We think that's ridiculous. When it comes to delivering your Nicolette Doors, there are no minimum quantities, or unreachable price breaks - every door ships at the same low rate. How are we doing it?

We coordinate deliveries by geographic location - loading multiple deliveries to the same area on a single truck and letting everyone share the cost. The more doors you have on the truck the larger your share, but everyone pays the same low rate per door. You could almost call us "the milkman of the door industry".

From our door to yours

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