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Nicolette Doors are manufactured by R3 Composites, Inc. Grabill, IN.

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Nicolette Doors From Our Door to Yours Reg. No. 5,176,866 Registered Apr. 04, 2017 Int. Cl.: 19 Trademark Principal Register R3 Composites Corp. (IOWA CORPORATION) 14123 Roth Road Grabill, IN 46741 CLASS 19: Nonmetal doors, namely, composite doors FIRST USE 1-15-2015; IN COMMERCE 1-15-2015 THE MARK CONSISTS OF STANDARD CHARACTERS WITHOUT CLAIM TO ANY PARTICULAR FONT STYLE, SIZE OR COLOR No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the following apart from the mark as shown: "DOORS" SER. NO. 86-497,109, FILED 01-07-2015 NAAKWAMA S ANKRAH, EXAMINING ATTORNEY