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New ideas like Nicolette Doors are nothing new to R3 Composites. We’ve been at it for more than 75 years. Our family business started in the late 1930s when Roy Carver, Sr., began manufacturing high-quality contractor pumps at the Carver Pump Company in Matherville, Illinois and Muscatine, Iowa. To meet the demand for his pumps, Roy launched Carver Foundry Products in the 1950s to produce molds for his pump company. Roy would also go on to start the Bandag Company in Muscatine, which would become the world’s largest producer of tire retread materials and equipment.

In 2001, with the family business going strong, Roy Carver III continued the family tradition of innovation, starting a composite business in Muscatine that targeted medium-volume users with reasonably priced, high-end custom compression molding. R3 Composites was born. Like all Carver ventures, it grew rapidly, driven by the demand for proprietary products from several steady clients. In 2010, R3 Composites found a new manufacturing facility in Grabill, Indiana, drawing on a plentiful supply of skillful local artisans.

Today, innovation is still a coveted family value. R3 Composites continues to push the boundaries of engineering and custom molding to produce plastic and composite components along with new cutting edge non-woven materials that improve performance and increase the value of existing products - including Nicolette Doors.


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